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Thursday, November 27, 2008

So big!

I've been meaning to get some video of Hannah and now that we have real Internet at my parents' house today, I can finally get them uploaded to Blogger. She's seriously the sweetest baby ever! Enjoy!

So big!

Rocking out

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

9 Months

Wow, this is already a couple weeks late but I didn't want to completely pass it by! So here's Hannah's 9-month update, even though she's already changed since then!

* Accomplishments: she's standing all the way up now and walks pushing a box
* She wakes once a night (instead of four times, yay!) and goes back to sleep with Daddy rocking her (just trying to break the feedings), no more third nap though a snooze in the car after dinner is always good
* New foods: peas, applesauce, pears, green beans, pumpkin, peaches, mango, mashed potatoes, blueberry, spaghetti
* Still no bottle or cup--it's hard to believe that for 9 MONTHS I've been there for every. single. feeding. to nurse her! For more than 9 months I have not been apart from her for more than 3 hours. If I go out of town, I bring her too, no questions asked. Boy, I really am looking forward to having some freedom back in hopefully just a couple months when she's weaned or at least in the process!
* Don't know her size but she's definitely outgrowing her 6-9 month clothes!

It's been awhile...

Just thought I'd update about the job search. I haven't posted anything for awhile because simply there was nothing to post. But yesterday Kevin finally took the POSS (Plant Operator Selection System) test in Nebraska and now we'll just be waiting on the results. Either today (probably not) or next week we'll hear something. Then also next week he's got an interview at a plant in Iowa. They've offered to pay for our family to stay two nights there so we can check out the area, so even though we're not too interested in that plant, we're going to interview there and use it as an excuse to get out of town. Last Saturday we went to Nebraska to check out the houses, so that as soon as we know if we're going to be there (or not) we can move right in on the paperwork for a house and get things rolling as quickly as possibly. After seeing the other houses it made us like the farm house even more, so if it's still available, that's the one we'd chose! Hopefully soon there will be official news!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Photo comparison

When I saw this photo of Eli the other day, it immediately reminded me of the next two from when he was a little baby:

Fall fun

Last week Grandpa was over to the house to rake leaves, and of course having a toddler around to "help" makes it a whole lot more fun!

Notice the mittens. He's never worn them before because he's always refused them. But of course Grandpa is wearing work gloves, so he came up to me to ask for his "mittens please". And here he is "helping" him carry the box of grass trimmings to the garage.
taking a break to watch a train go by a couple blocks away
all done and taking the trash can back to the garage

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A bit of history.

When we were visiting Kevin's grandma last week she gave us an old hat that she had made for Kevin's dad when he was a little boy. And now here is Eli wearing the hat. He doesn't really like it but we did manage to snap a quick photo with Kevin's camera phone when we were in the car the other day.
Grandma also gave us an old dress that used to be Kevin's aunt's. It's just about the right size for Hannah but right now it's much too cold for such attire. I'm sure it will still fit in spring, so we'll try it then.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Before we know it!

Hannah has been pulling herself to standing for probably almost a month now, but here she is starting to walk along too as she's pushing a box across the floor!