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Thursday, September 11, 2008

About the title.

I like to make plays on words. My other blog is called "In Light of the Truth". It's a common phrase people say, but for my blog it refers to the light we live in because of the Truth of Jesus Christ. (Eph. 5:8) And for this blog "sincerely yours" means that our children are not our own; they are GOD'S children that He has entrusted to us to raise according to His will. And so we thank our Father every day for the little blessings He has given us.


Sharon said...

Sarah, you are such a joy to know, if even only online.
I love your perspective, and couldn't agree more!

BP said...

Hi Sarah, I like the new blog for the family/kids. You've done a nice job. I love the reason behind your name as well.


Anonymous said...

I really do like the name of the blog and your explanation. I will pray for a safe trip for you all as you start a new chapter with the Lord in Iowa. I am glad we will still be able to visit on here though. Love to all of you, Mrs. "B"

Ed said...

Hello, Sarah. My daughter, Gayge Fritz, passed me your blog links because she enjoyed your photos so much.

Great job with the blogs! You have a beautiful family and it looks you're all brimming over with happiness.

I'm a real sucker for marmalade cats. Your kittens are gorgeous; I hope you'll keep posting photos of them as the mature.

Best wishes to all of you. Ed.
[Haec dies quae fecit Dominus; exultemus et laetemur in ea!]