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Monday, September 19, 2011

School pictures. Sort of.

Today were school pictures for Eli.  While walking down for the bus I decided to snap a few pictures of my own first, while he's looking all handsome n all. So glad I did! Look how sweet he looks!!


Just as Kevin and I were discussing and seriously contemplating how to get rid of all of our cats, what did we discover??  ..... another litter of kittens! OF COURSE!  *sigh*  So here we go again...

We saw the kittens, already somewhat big and walking around, then they were gone again. Hiding under the massive pile of cardboard in the garage. Or somewhere. Who knows.  And then. The other day look who decided to come up to the house for a visit!
Two of the new kitties!
Once they moved away from the door enough I could OPEN it, I snuck out for some pictures of the sweet little things. Forgive me for the number of photos, I just cannot pick and choose!!

Then we let the kids out to see...

Then we spotted the 2 other kittens in the barn! A second calico and a yellow cat.

So there we have it. 4 new kittens! Again.


Gosh, we've just been cruising through the school routine, there really hasn't been much to report! Last weekend, however, was Homecoming at school, so we did the parade, BBQ, and part of the football game.  Then the next night was our county rodeo.  The last two years it's been at the end of June. I remember, because there would be a semi-trailer parked there selling fireworks, and that's when we'd buy our stuff.  4th of July started to approach and I watched for signs for the rodeo, and I never saw anything??  Time passed and I just let it go.  And then a few weeks ago I saw the sign up downtown. The Rodeo, Sept 9&10th at 8pm.  Ooo, goodie!!  With homecoming stuff Friday, we opted for Saturday.  I just love things like this! Something different from the everyday, that's for sure!  

We got drinks and popcorn and stayed for the first half.  Lots of calf-roping.  The good stuff like bull-riding was at the very, but we just couldn't stay that long.  It was 9:30pm, Kevin had worked that day and still had to work early the next day, and it was going to be super late for the kids by the time we drove home and got them tucked in bed.  But we had fun!