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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Adventure List 2013 - In Review

Hard to believe we are saying Farewell to 2013 already! At the beginning of the year our family sat together to create a list of some fun family activities we hoped to accomplish throughout the year.  So I'm gonna take a minute to review the things we've done!  Pretty much the very week summer vacation started, we really got busy with our adventures...

1. A water park. "One that's allowed for babies and older kids."
This is our standard indoor water park we love to go to in the Omaha Holiday Inn. It's small so it's not too hard to keep an eye on all three kids at the same time. Basically it has a slide so that's all the kids need! They just love it! And the hot tub is right in the middle of the area which makes it perfect for us adults too. Although we don't mind some water slide action too! LOL.

2. The zoo.
We hit the zoo the same trip as the water park hotel stay.  Wanted to do this one before the intense summer heat hit!

3. Something like a pumpkin patch. Haunted house, jumping pillow, etc
This Adventure List greatly influenced our vacation pick for this year and the quest for a haunted house led us to to this Maze of Mirrors in Branson, MO.
But later in the fall, a turn of events also allowed all the kids to join me for a MOPS outing to the pumpkin patch where there was a haunted house, jumping pillow, etc.

4. The fair.
Of course. This was an easy one to accomplish, as it's right in town every July.

5. Children's museum.
This is a great winter activity so we did this in February, early in the year. Lincoln has a fantastic children's museum, always something new to explore!

6. Train ride.
This was planned for our Branson trip but at the last minute we decided to take a ferry ride, as we heard it was more exciting than the train. So unless you count the zoo train or kiddie train at the fair or Go-Kart place, this one didn't officially get done.

7. Carter's ice cream shop.
Early in the year Carter officially completed potty training and earned his reward to the ice cream shop, Freddy's in Omaha. Each child has "their place" and I'm pretty sure they'll never forget it!

8. Backyard camping.
We actually did this several times throughout the summer, though I'm not sure I actually got any pictures of it.  =)

9. Waterfall.
Yup. This one didn't happen. Boo to Sarah.  =( 

10.  Beach.
And by "beach" we really just mean the local lake. Such a gem for this farm area!! We love going here with friends!!

11. Geocaching.
I was so excited to get to do this one, although Kevin's the one who did the dirty work. In the end we found one cache and didn't find two.

12. Bike trail.
So excited the kids are old enough for this now!! We love this trail, and the view and nature finds are so pretty!

What a fun 2013!!  Of course these were just SOME of our adventures!!  =)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

July update.

Kevin's work crew had a boating day at a lake over in Missouri. We arranged a babysitter for the day and enjoyed ourselves some fun time away!

 4th of July was just us this year.  Because of Kevin's work schedule, we did our own little fireworks on the 3rd and then went to town's fireworks on the 4th, the first time we've seen a show at all since living here. We spend the morning, however, trying out our new bike trailer and biking as a family for the first time ever! It was pretty hot and VERY BUGGY but overall the kids did great and I loved the trail! We also did a lil' geocaching and found one and didn't find one and aborted one that indicated lots of poison ivy during summer season. We had fun and completed #11 and #12 on 2013 Adventure List!
found a cache!

 We spent an afternoon at the beach/lake with friends... The "beach" is #10 on our adventure list. This is just gonna hafta count.  =)
my BFF
an elaborate river system we all worked together to make

...and then went to the county fair and parade that night (#4 on our Adventure List)....

Kevin's parent spent a Saturday with us after the guys went to Lincoln tractor museum and we girls hung at home listening to music and having tea party and snacks.  That night we played a game of pictionary all together. It was a genuinely lovely day.

Carri and Lucas came to visit the week of Eli's birthday. It was also VBS week, and a party weekend, so it was a busy but FUN week!  We celebrated Eli's birthday with a Mario themed party. Now that cousin Claire is a little older, I decided it might be fun to start adding in a couple simple games for the kids to do together. Pinterest made it easy, and it turn out to be a lot of fun and entertaining for everyone, I hope. Great, relaxed day celebrating our boy!

the girls decorated Princess Peach crowns
silly mustaches
gotta actually PLAY some Mario!
pin the mustache on Mario
throw the fireballs (cheesballs) and the piranha plants

menu: hot dogs, 7 layer taco dip, fruit salad, cheese balls, veggies

The kids completed their reading goal (of 100 books) so we celebrated with an ice cream party...

 We finally got to go fishing and tried out a new spot, on the river. It's kind of hidden and actually a really great place! Nice view, quiet, relaxing, and the closest thing we've had to off-roading since moving to Nebraska!