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Friday, May 31, 2013

May Updates.

We always celebrate May 1st delivering May baskets to our friends.  A tradition I hope to continue. It's so fun.  It's pretty tricky in such a rural area, but it's worth the efforts. Hannah, Carter, and I delivered some during the day after preschool, and we saved some near our house for when Eli got home from school.  Fun day of adventuring around!!

AWANA awards night. Hannah was a Cubbie still this year which Carter will be next year. And Eli finished his 2nd year of Sparkies.  He especially worked hard learning lots of verses and the books of the Bible and completed his 2nd book just before the end of the year! We greatly appreciate their teachers' hard work they put in each week while most of us parents use those Wednesdays nights as a sort of date night.  =)

We had a random day of snow... in MAY!!

 Thankfully it didn't last.  The weather finally warmed up and we enjoyed a lot of time outside.
Carter's first time having enough balance for this swing!

  We even added a couple play things to our yard.

 And a PINspired project Mommy made.

We celebrated Mother's Day.  Kevin gifted me with a peach tree that we planted a couple days before. And after Sunday nap, we went to the lake to hang out and grill dinner. A day well spent.

 We came home from our day adventure to play with some baby bunnies we'd found in the yard that morning. The boys are the animal lovers, the 2 girls in the family not so much. And that's okay.

 My cousin Christina came to visit for an afternoon! Traveling all the way from North Carolina, it was quite a treat to see her!  Eli had track & field day at his school that same day so of course we brought her right along with us!  Eli did great--he tried hard, did well, and always had a smile on his face thru each event.

 May marks the end of the MOPS season.  While it's fun meeting so many great ladies, the break from all the work and planning is always refreshing.

Last day of school for Eli was May 16th and Hannah the 15th.  It's an early out, so every year I plan a special lunch celebration and invite friends and we kick off the summer break making new memories! This year was the best. The weather was perfect. The kids played outside, we had some lunch, played outside some more, did some lawn mower wagon rides, played a game, and had some ice cream sandwiches. It was a blast, and I love our lil friends so much!

with teamwork, use only pool noodles to get balloons in basket. first team done wins.

The next morning after breakfast I had a scavenger hunt for the kids.  I had hidden three summer treasures and wrote clues to lead them along their way.  There were some kinks this year, but overall we all had fun!!
first find. a pair of roller skates.
second treasure. scooter.
third and final treasure. a bucket of water shooters, activity magazines, and a jump rope.

The kids played with their new things for awhile and then we went out on a family outing to the Arbor Day Adventure. It's a favorite that we never got to last year because of the summer heat.

 That Friday night Hannah had her actual preschool graduation.  She's a sweet little thing, and we're so proud of her and excited for her next adventure with school.

We ended the month with a spontaneous hotel/pool night and zoo trip. I'm tellin' ya, last year we missed out on several things because of the heat. This year, we're gettin' it DONE!  And having so much fun while we have the chance!

 A GREAT month and kickoff to the SUMMER!!!