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Monday, August 29, 2011

Camping Weekend

THE best thing about my college experience was the really great wonderful like-minded Christian friends I made there.  I was really hoping when we got out of the Navy we'd wind up in Eastern Iowa so I would be close to those friends. But it was not so.  We ended up in Nebraska instead, about 6 hrs from many of our friends. Every year at the end of summer I try to get everyone together.  Usually for a picnic or something, but I think we all agreed it just wasn't enough time.  With kids running all over, the day would be over and we felt like we still hadn't had a chance to REALLY talk with everyone!!  So this year I suggested camping overnight, and it was wonderful! Though still not enough time!  =(  The weather was absolutely PERFECT and we had such a good time!!  I already can't wait til next year!!


 Making new little friends


 Playground fun

 S'mores OF COURSE!
 BEAUTIFUL morning!

 GREAT FRIENDS (just a few of them!)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of Preschool!

Last week we got Eli settled into Kindergarten. Now today was Hannah's first day of preschool!  Tuesday and Thursday mornings for 2.5 hrs at a local Lutheran preschool.  Same place where Eli went last year, so we're all quite familiar with the whole routine.

isn't she sooo sweet!!
I felt pretty good about Hannah going to preschool.  Wasn't too worried about her since she's much more social than Eli, never the clingy one.  So I was surprised when we pulled into the parking lot and Hannah started crying, saying Can we just go back home? We sat in the car for several minutes waiting for some of our other friends to arrive, and during that time Hannah calmed down and when it came time she walked right in and straight to the toys.  She'd already said she was going to play with necklaces today.  She didn't say much about it afterward, and I think it'll take a little time to settle in, but I hope she has a GREAT year!

As for Carter and me, I'm so excited to use that 2.5 hrs to go for walks, run errands with just ONE baby, spend quality time with just Carter, or enjoy a quiet house.  It's a whole new year for us, that's for sure!!

Summer's NOT over!

Just because school started does mean that summer is over! We got a new sprinkler the other day and the kids had a blast! Their expressions are priceless!

Then Carter finally woke up from nap and I let him join in on the fun...
 Or not. He hated it. Or there was a bug or something.
So. I filled up the water table instead.
And he was MUCH happier.

What a FUN afternoon!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 2: The Big Yellow Bus

Eli came home from his first day of school with a weekly newsletter in his bag, listing what the menu is for the week and a list of students for grades K-6, and other information for upcoming events and so forth.  Well, being the Type A that I am, I cross-referenced Eli's bus list with the class lists, so I could find out who was going to be on Eli's bus and how old they are!  There were 6 kids or so I couldn't find on the class lists so they must be older than 6th grade, but the rest of the kids were scattered across all 7 grades, including 3 other kindergartners! That made me feel better seeing there would be three other kids from ELI'S CLASS! 

We got up this morning following our normal school routine which so far is going very smoothly! and we went out to wait for the bus, making sure not to be late or he'll be left!  I asked Eli if he was nervous about the bus and he said No!  =)

 We waited... 

We listened quietly...
 We thought we heard something coming down the road...
And sure enough...
A yellow bus with flashing lights popped over the hill!

A bus was coming just for ELI!!   Ooo, I felt so proud!

He climbed right on...
 and without looking back...
 off he went!

And I enjoyed a day with my two littles.

in the afternoon, while Carter was still napping, we started waiting again
In great anticipation
of that yellow school bus!
Here it comes in the distance!
we're so close to town we can see almost the whole ride

We're so proud of our boy! And you better believe we're ALL going to be there waiting to tell him so!