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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The beginning of a whole new adventure!

Last night there was an open house/orientation/book fair at the school.  Kids have the opportunity to see their new classrooms, talk with the teacher, and bring all their school supplies.  I seriously think that's the best idea ever! As soon as we arrived last night Mrs. S remembered Eli's name right away! And she even mentioned that she hadn't remembered the glasses to which I explained he got them when we went for his required checkup.  She showed him his desk and backpack cubby. We got his P.E. shoes tucked in the little bin and then perused the rest of the classroom while we waited for the short instructional meeting to begin.  It was nice to come home again with our hands free of all the STUFF that kids need for school.  Kleenex boxes, clorox wipes, nap mat, tennis shoes, and the pencil box full of crayons, glue, eraser, scissors, etc.  We rested well and got up this morning raring to go!

It was a little rough heading out the door. We were all ready to go and then Carter started pooping his diaper. Not wanting to wait on him, I agreed to let Kevin just stay home with him and Hannah while I ran Eli over to the school.  So Kevin gave him a hug and I gathered Eli and we headed out the door.  
 Hannah was crying because I'd gotten her ready to go and then she didn't get to go.  I felt bad really, but we left anyway.  I was quite nervous too and would rather just have Eli to care for at the moment. We snapped a quick picture and got in the car.  
 Eli was pretty really nervous but he did his best to muster up a smile for me outside the school.
And then we went in and met the rest of his class in the gym {by the way, this is the old gym, used for the lunchroom now and meeting place in the mornings}
And that was it!

But then I remembered I'd forgotten to tell the teacher helper that Eli's lunch money was in his bag and asked if she wanted me to take it to the office. But she said they'd take care of it.  

And that was it! Off I went!

But then I remembered we'd forgotten to grab Eli's lunch box out of the refrigerator when we left! So I went back into the gym again and told Eli we'd forgotten his lunch and to just get school lunch today, we'd save the other for tomorrow.

And THAT was it.  I left.  Came home to Hannah and Carter and Kevin. Kevin went off to sleep. And now it's just the little ones. And it's quiet. No fighting. And when Carter goes for nap in just a bit, Hannah will do her Little Girl devotional and probably get out some paints. And at 1:00 we'll go back to pick up Eli. Today is only a half-day. 

Tomorrow we'll do the school bus, it'll be a full day of school, and the REAL ADVENTURE will begin!

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The Fischer Family said...

Yea!!! I'm glad to hear he (and you) had a great day! With each day it will get smoother! Blessings on the rest of your week!