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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Birthday Week {Saturday}

At last, the last post of Eli's birthday week.  The family birthday party! So thankful we live so close now and we can all circle around to celebrate the life of our children and each other!  It's definitely not something to take for granted so parties are in order!!

the typical scene for family birthdays

Eli's favorite thing is to hook and tie with things, so I got him so carabiners to help him out

Eli got LOTS of fun books for his birthday, including Magic Tree House books from Paul and Holly!

Carter brought the book to grampa and plopped in his lap for a story

I have the parallel girls devo book for Hannah and I LOVE it, so I got the boys book for Eli

love how Carter has his hand on Eli's back. so sweet!

build-it-yourself kit. makes a race car that also flips into a robot

big boy now

playing with the Trio blocks. We LOVE these!!

For Eli's kids party the weekend before we'd invited about 26 people and a cake box makes 24 cupcakes, so I'd made a second batch to have on hand but left them unfrosted so I could freeze and use them again the next weekend.  It was very handy having done the two cakes all at once. This time I used store frosting (yuck!) but it was convenient so we'll let it slide this time. I didn't want ALL cupcakes again, so I made half-cupcakes, half-round cake and tried out the tiered cake like on the cake box.  And well, it didn't work out exactly like on the box, but it was a fun try. I'd even refrigerated the cake so it wouldn't melt because of heat, but it still started to melt just having it out getting it ready. Oh well! This family sure doesn't care what a cake looks like!

 blowing candles
 and AGAIN! (those silly relight ones!)

What a fun way to wrap up birthday week!  Love you, Eli, and so thankful God gave us you!!

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