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Friday, August 5, 2011

Birthday Week {Thursday and Friday}

Thursday and Friday were actually Mommy Days for me!  Thursday night I had a sleepover with girlfriends.  Last one before one our hostess moved away!  This time Kevin was off the next morning so I could leave the kids and stay up late without having to get up with the kids at the SAME 7am time in the morning.  

Friday evening I headed off AGAIN, to Omaha to meet up with an old college friend who was in the area for the weekend!  She's getting into photography as well, so we went out to dinner and then explored downtown Omaha with our cameras.  It was so fun! We've grown up in the Omaha radius all my life pretty much but I've never really SEEN downtown!  It's a BEAUTIFUL area and I can't wait to go back again with Kevin and the kids!

the kids would love this!

the pedestrian bridge across the Missouri River

It's funny, we showed up wearing practically the same outfit!

 So great to see you again, Lynne!  I had an awesome night!!

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