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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday Week {Wednesday}

Wednesday was Eli's scheduled eye exam as required for school entry.  Kevin was working so I brought Hannah and Carter too.  It was a sort of long wait. And a sort of long wait again in the exam room. But the kids did fairly well.  Eli didn't cooperate 100% with all the little tests but he did okay and was in good spirits.  The doctor was soooo great with him and very kid-friendly! And then there was the end-of-exam report... "Well, Eli's a little bit far-sighted and needs glasses..." I was confused, I hadn't seen it coming, Kevin wasn't with me for such "big" news like that!  I asked if maybe his tests could have been affected since he was tired {from having the sleepover the night before} and he said no. So, getting glasses was for real then. The doctor further explained that while he doesn't necessarily need them NOW because he's still young and doesn't do a whole lot of close-work, come 1st grade he will be, and his eyes {and brain} need to be adjusted to wearing glasses already.  Fine. We then proceeded from the exam room to the front room again to look at frames.  Here it's almost 5pm and the office is waiting to close and we have to stand there picking frames.  The wall is covered with lots of different selections for girls. But boys, not so much. The assistant chose about three to pick from in his size, so we went with a wire-framed, rectangular-shape, greenish-color frame.  They'll come in August 3, and then we go back for the real-deal.  Until then, we're enjoying the last days of glasses-free...

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