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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fritz family visit

Toward the end of June my uncle and aunt, Fred and Gayge and their two boys Sam and Ben made a stop through Nebraska on their way out west to visit Gayge's father who is now living in Wyoming.  We were thrilled to see them again, only a few weeks after seeing them at the beach and to show them our place!  The weather wasn't the best, very windy and cloudy and cool both days, and they had to be re-routed due to Missouri River flooding, but we made the best of it and they made it here safely! And we sooo enjoyed their visit!!   What a wonderful family!

by evening the weather finally cleared a bit and we enjoyed a LOVELY evening outside
 {Sam} climbing
 {Ben and Carter} kitty scouting
 {Eli} binocular wearing
 Sometimes I feel like we live in a painting! The countryside is so gorgeous!

 {Gayge} baby snuggling
 {Gayge and the boys} kitty petting
 {the next morning} playing ball, notice the jackets
 before departure...
 Family Photo.  Love you all sooo much!!

Thanks for making the effort to stop our way!!  What a gift!

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