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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Eli!!!

I feel bad not get anything posted yesterday on Eli's actual birthday but we were so busy having fun and playing together here at home (and working on a Shutterfly album before the coupon expires today), I just didn't have the time.

Eli at 5...
* Has a very sweet heart.  He just asked me to cut an M&M in half so he could share it with Hannah.
* I made him a get-well sign when he was sick a few months ago and he just laid in bed staring at it.  It was several weeks later til he finally took it down.  He said he'd make me one whenever I get sick.
* One day when I was sad and crying on my bed he came to me and gave me his bear telling me it would make me feel better.
* He still sleeps with his blankies and stuffed animals.
* He is timid in large groups and usually stands back just observing.
* He loves the water.  LOVES water slides and will go again and again.  However we did skip this summer of swim lessons.
* He loves building, usually airplanes and rockets.
* Is big into superheros, especially Spiderman and Superman.
* Is good with his numbers but is slow with reading though we are making progress.
* Will draw elaborate pictures of just about anything.
* Loves bunk beds. (he told me to write that on this list)
* We've started reading "adventure books" together in the Magic Tree House series.
* Is very active and aggressive, usually too much so, with Hannah and Carter.
* Is best friends with Hannah and they do everything together. They spend very little time in their rooms. (although as I read this to him, he said Asher is his best friend, not Hannah)
* He has first-born syndrome and often tries to be me by reprimanding Hannah or Carter for something. He's pretty responsible and usually plays the big-brother role quite well.
* He finished his first year at preschool and was considered a delight to his teachers and became friends with several of his classmates. He is proud to be heading to Kindergarten this fall with all-new kids.
* He also completed his first year of the AWANA program at our church AND his participated in his first year of VBS, along with Hannah, which they both LOVED!
* Just the past couple of weeks I finally stopped napping him in the afternoon.  He'll do a little bit of quiet time but mostly we spend that time playing games together, practicing his reading, doing computer games, working on a project, or reading in his adventure books.

We love you, Eli, and are so proud of the young boy you are becoming!!

Here's a little interview I did with him yesterday on his birthday. It's in 2 parts because the camera shut off on me during the first one...

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