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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Carter: 18 months

 Oh my heart, how can my baby really be 18 months already??  He's growing up so very fast, and it's making me sad.  You know, bittersweet.  You're excited to be getting to an easier phase, excited to see a little more freedom, and the joy of getting to spend more time working on marriage.  But the babies... they're so sweet too.  And to see that slipping away... sad.

 * Carter is definitely moving up in the world.  Literally.  He's my climber.  He's learned how to climb onto the dining chairs (IF they're not pushed in all the way) and climb up onto the table.  Yippee.  He climbs onto the coffee table in the playroom and he can climb himself up onto the piano bench.  Oh my.

* He's also moving down in the world. One scary morning the kids were playing and all of a sudden I could NOT find Carter. ANYWHERE.  I search all the rooms in the house, upstairs, downstairs, peek to the basement, upstairs again, downstairs again, my heart absolutely in a panic as I ran through each room and yelling at Eli to HELP ME FIND HIM and then I looked at the basement again and saw a little boy totting around!  My goodness! I did NOT know he knew how to go down steps, and I really don't know why the door to the basement was open.  But I am just SO THANKFUL Carter was okay and there wasn't a big fall involved.  But now we know! Carter DOES know how to go down stairs and he does it quite well in fact.
* This month he got 5 NEW TEETH.  And big ones.  One upper molar on each side, plus the tooth that's in between, and one more tooth on the bottom.  He handled it pretty well, but he did have a couple nights of wakings that I could only assume were because of those teeth!
* He's still growing with his "words" but he's definitely not an early talker! No concerns though.
* Really growing more independent at the table and likes to put the fork in his mouth himself although i'm still the one that fills the fork.
* He's still in transition between 2 naps and just 1. Depends on the day and what we have going on.
* Weight: 25.2 lbs  Height: 31 1/4 "
* Mama gave him his first hair cut, and those adorable curls are now gone... Regret.

 But no matter what, curls or no curls, you're still my Carter and still sweet as could be! So thankful for you!
Happy half-birthday!

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