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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bunk bed

  For Eli's birthday and turning 5 and heading into school I thought it was time to move him to a big-boy bed and revamp his room a little bit.  We've been looking at different types of bunk beds for awhile now and not really finding the simple version we wanted, we decided to build one ourselves! We found a plan online, adapted it just a little, and we started at it! 

What started as this and just boards being cut and layed in place in the grass...
gradually turned into...
bed frames are together and posts are clamped on and getting pre-drilled in the basement
guard rails are boxed together
IN the room now for assembly.  Posts getting bolted on.
second set of posts getting bolted on
all posts are on and bed is upright and in place

under-bed storage bins are in place (cuz I was excited)

ladder is constructed

plywood pieces are cut and in place for under the mattresses.  A blanket is covering them so the kids could play on it without getting splinters. The rest is all sanded smooth though.

a preview of the guard rails. Instead of using two sets of rails for the top, I think we're going to use one set for the top bunk and one for the bottom instead of the partial toddler rail we had in mind. Might as well, since the second rail is already made.
for now though, until we do move Carter, we'll keep the bottom bunk open.
 A bed!!!
the mattresses arrived the same day we got all this assembled so we picked them up and got the final placement of the guardrails, and it's all ready to use!

And this is where we're at now.  Eli's been sleeping in his new bed this week, and we love it so much!  Although the size of his room seems to have suddenly shrunk with the installation of this bigger bed! But with under-bed storage and some toy organization in his closet, it will look tidy.  The bed still needs stained but we're doing some color samples first.  Kevin did a FANTASTIC job, and I'm loving Eli's new room!  There's still some finishing touches, so stay tuned!

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