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Friday, July 1, 2011

Father's Day 2011

On Father's Day our town hosted its annual chicken BBQ, complete with kiddie tractor pull contests, chicken toss, volleyball tournaments?, funnel cakes, kettle corn, and a performance by the community band. It's quite the event for a town with population 323! So I invited my parents down to join us!

After perusing the local library that I've literally NEVER seen open in the 2.5 years we've been here, we got Eli and then Hannah signed up for the tractor pull contest.  Being excited for his first try at this, Eli had actually prepped and wore tennis shoes and even picked out his tractor T-shirt to change into after church. Hannah was given the opportunity to just give it a try, so in her dress and flip-flops she joined in too!

Eli actually WON the contest for his age group!  They mumbled it such that we barely even heard that HE was the one that won, but exciting it was!  =)  They were both given participation ribbons.

From there we enjoyed a delicious chicken (and sides) dinner, watching the remainder of the tractor pull contest for older kids, the band concert, funnel cakes, AND ice cream!  FUN evening and PERFECT weather for being outside!


~Amanda said...

So fun! That pic of Hannah on your mom's lap looks so much like you (to me, anyway). And the boys look so much like their daddy. Did Kevin have blond hair when he was young?

In Light of the Truth... said...

Yuppers, Kevin had blonde hair til he was 6 or so, so I guess we'll see if our boys stay blonde or change. I hope it stays! =)

jaesi said...

Stop what your doing right this very second and go give each of your kids a hug and kiss from me.
I miss them!

such great pics.