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Sunday, June 26, 2011

In progress...

With Eli turning FIVE in just a few weeks I thought it was time to move him to a bunk bed (from his current toddler bed), with Carter soon to follow (from his pack n play).  Around-abouts Eli's birthday we'll make the official room transformation (if all goes well???) We couldn't find a simple wood-framed bunk bed like we were wanting, so we're making it ourselves!  And by we, I mean Kevin of course! I really am thankful he's so handy--makes life so much more fun!  

Even on Father's Day he was busy cutting and sanding our pieces for the bed frames!

Now the bed frames are assembled in the basement. Next up will be more cutting and sanding of the posts and guard rails.  Then more assembly!  It's exciting to see it come together! Stay tuned for more progress and hopefully soon, the finished product!

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~Amanda said...

So exciting! I want more progress pictures! How fun! And so sweet that the boys will be able to sleep in a bed made by their daddy. Like getting a hug from him all night long. <3