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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Carter--8 months!

So this is what Carter thought about doing 8-month pictures today...
Not sure what the deal was, but we managed to still get the following...
Thanks, buddy!

Now for 8-month updates:

* Oh he's definitely crawling all over the place.  One knee, one foot.
* And now he's starting to pull to standing up to some things.
* He walks when we hold his hands.
* He eats baby food and bits of table food.
* He loves feeding himself Cheerios and Fruit Puffs now and often eats those while we're eating our meals.
* He nurses 4 times a day--first thing in the morning, late morning, mid-afternoon, and bedtime.
* He naps 2.5 times a day and goes to bed at 7:30pm, waking up between 6:30 and 7am.
* He's starting to develop silliness.  He pulls himself back and forth in his high chair, and he likes to lay his head down on a pillow or blanket and smile.
* Speaking of blankets, he sucks on them or small stuffed animals like it's a pacifier. And if he's having a hard time getting to sleep, if I can get him to start sucking on his blankie, then he's set to go.
* No new teeth this month, still just the two on the bottom, but everything still goes directly to his mouth and his pleasure of a toy is based on how good it is to bite on.
* We started putting g diapers on him sometimes.  Just a couple that we're experimenting with until we switch to that full time (?)
* He attended his first air show this month, well last month really, which I have yet to blog about!

Happy 8 months, sweet pea!  We sure do love you!!  And now for some videos I FINALLY took...