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Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 Adventure List

Alright, here's our family's adventure list for the new year! Everyone, including parents, got to contribute two ideas to the list.  We shall see how much we can accomplish throughout the year!  Can you guess who picked what??  hehe

1.  Watch a dolphin show.  

2.  Go to a Lego Museum.

3. Go to Lost in Fun.

4. Paint pottery.

5. Go to Amazing Pizza Machine.

6. Go to a professional baseball game.

7. Tour a factory.

8. Go to trampoline place.

9. Camp at Yellowsmoke. (Iowa)

10.  Go to a waterpark.  

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Adventure List -- In Review

Well, we didn't do so good on our adventure list this year. And I've already made stipulations for this year's requirement so that our adventures are more do-able! But here's our review...

1. Go ice skating. This was Hannah's birthday outing, and what a fun time we had!

2. Go swimming.  Well, I'm safe to say that this happened a lot. In fact, going to the pool a lot was a PRIORITY for the summer. We got the pool pass, skipped naptime, and aimed to learn how to swim just by frequent exposure! And it worked! On the very last day of pool opening, both Eli and Hannah swam the length of the pool and were allowed by me to go off the diving board. It was scary and amazing all at once, for me and them! So elated!

3. Go to REAL beach. Nope. Didn't happen. And because of algae levels we were barely lucky enough to even go to our local lake/beach. Fun times anyway!

4. Ride in a boat at (local lake).   ^^  That would've been the local lake. But no boat rental options. 

5. Go to inside playground. Carter's birthday outing! 

6. Go mini-golfing. Nope. Didn't happen. Mostly cuz I totally forgot about this list until a week ago!

7. Go to the races. Yes! So much fun!! Love taking advantage of our very own local options!! 

8. Stay in a hotel with a hot pool and water park. Honestly, I can't remember if we stayed at the Holiday Inn with the waterpark this year.

9. Go to LegoLand. Eli's birthday outing to Kansas City!

10. Go to Grandma's house. It's safe to say that this also happened many times. Both Grandmas. Not really documented by pictures though. 

11. See the mountains. Nope. Didn't happen.

12. Ride in an airplane. Nope. Too expensive.

So many great experiences in 2014!

2014 Top 10 Highlights

Gosh, it's been almost a year since I've written on here! I keep family update via Facebook so that's why I don't post much here anymore cuz I'm not sure I have any readers anymore!  This is what I included in our Christmas "letter" this year, so I thought I'd include here just to sum up what's been going on...

1. South Dakota vacation. Horseback riding, Mt. Rushmore, The Badlands, Bear Country, Storybook Island, waterfall swimming, alpine slides, and beautiful scenery!

2. Birthday celebrations. Lost in Fun (indoor play place) for Carter, Ice skating for Hannah, and LegoLand for Eli. 

3. Heavenly celebrations. As hard as it was to say goodbye to both of Kevin's grandmas, we can rest in the truth that they are rejoice in their perfect life with their Father.

4. Extracurriculars. Spring soccer for Eli, gymnastics for Hannah, and AWANA for all three kiddos!

5. Carter started all-day preschool (with Friday's off). So we entered the next phase of life where all the kids are in school during the day and Mom has the home to herself! Or the parents get free date time!

6. Mom freedom! Sarah finished her leadership position with MOPS and now serves on the church's Women's Ministry team, participates in two daytime Bible studies, and sings regularly on the worship team. And just for fun, she plays weekly volleyball at the gym.

7. Community involvement. Our family now volunteers to work at the local library once a month. We participated in the Father's Day run. And we periodically help at the school.

8. This fall we celebrated Sarah's dad's retirement and their official move!!

9. Kevin's still working hard at the power plant, including this year's 2-month Outage. He sacrifices much to provide for our family. 

10. Good health and fitness. Eli and Hannah even learned how to swim this summer!

We have been greatly blessed, and we are thankful for these moments and memories. We create many plans for ourselves, but it is God who directs our steps. We are thankful for His provision and care, in the good times and in the bad, in the highlights and in the mundane. May we love one another greatly to reflect the Joy that is within us. Happy New Year!!