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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Almost walking!!

Oh I've been soo anxious for Carter to walk again. And to be able to really play outside with Eli and Hannah and to walk to and from the car by myself so I can carry the other things I usually have. But the Dr did say it was going to take at least a couple weeks. And it has. But now, just finally this week, Carter started putting actual weight on his foot, then taking steps with his toes curled up, then standing flat-footed, and now taking hobbly steps all by himself and even doing SPINS! It's about as exciting as when he first was learning to walk at 1 year old! And now here he is again! So excited for him!!

By the way, I've been realizing how I need to get some video of him before these days pass me by! He's been learning lots of new words lately and I want to try to capture them on video in his cute little voice before he grows out of it! So more video clips will be coming...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

a moment in time.

(Eli watching over Hannah's shoulder as she is writing Eli's name in her notebook) Eli: "It's E-L-I but that's not quite right. The dot has to be floating in the air." 

LOL "floating in the air" what a cute way to put it. 

I love my babies.

January 5, 2012.

The winter of UNREAL weather! Seriously!

Leave it to Kevin to come up with this. =)

I love the shadow on the wall.

I am so thankful for where we're at in life right now. So blessed.

Come be our guest!

Lookie what Kevin has built for our family!!  Using wood from our attic walls, all he had to purchase was the posts for the legs and polyurethane! It looks GORGEOUS in this room and it's fun to have so much SPACE at the table! I can't wait to have guests! It's definitely motivating me to continue finishing the rest of the room!

 the bench still needs refinished and we'll eventually purchase or make matching chairs, but we'll get there.

The picture is frame is from our old front door. It had been out in the shed and Kevin brought it in the other day. I put together a picture collage and now there she hangs!


The day before his birthday Carter got his cast off!  He was given another x-ray and it came out clear and his leg fracture healed perfectly! {I was bummed we didn't actually get to see it though!} I was HOPING Carter would just miraculously walk right away, cuz I had a few ideas I wanted to do as a family that weekend in honor of Carter's birthday since his party isn't for another couple weeks ago, but Carter is NOT walking yet and I decided it would be better to just wait on our fun. He still has a really nasty nickle or quarter-sized pressure wound on his heal from his first cast, and it's very tender, so I believe that's the reason Carter is still avoiding standing on his leg still.  The Dr. said it could take a couple weeks anyway, even without the heel wound. Once it's healed, he'll probably take off again. But of course he's zipping around all over the house anyway! It sure would be nice not to have to carry him everywhere though, but I'll be patient! We're just thankful his bone healed! It's amazing how God has designed our bodies to take care of themselves!

"Christmas morning"

Sorry this is quite delayed! Picture posts take awhile get loaded up so it takes awhile for me to get motivated to sit down and do it.  But here was our Christmas...

Christmas  Day was a Sunday this year, and I played my French horn along with the Christmas hymns, along with another woman who plays trombone. It was so fun and I loved it!  Kevin worked Christmas day though, so we celebrated as a family the day after. No big deal. The kids were pretty patient about it, and it just made sense to wait til we had time to really ENJOY it. And that we did. Started with stockings first of course!

And then presents already. Usually we'd wait til after breakfast, but I decided what's the point? Then we'd have a later brunch and not have to worry about lunch, and the kids wouldn't spend all morning anxiously waiting!

We went home New Year's weekend to celebrate with our families.  I enjoy celebrating Christmas more and more every year as the kids continue to get older and have more understanding of the holiday. We are so blessed.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Carter {2 YEARS}

Today we wish our baby boy a happy birthday!! We will party with family in a couple weeks in conjunction with Hannah's February birthday. But still today, we take a minute to look at our baby who is not so much a baby anymore. Who brings us all such JOY with his bright smile. Who is growing more independent every day yet still loves his momma to help him. Who is becoming more interactive and verbal. Who continues to develop his own unique personality that we love and adore. We are blessed. Happy birthday!!