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Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Christmas morning"

Sorry this is quite delayed! Picture posts take awhile get loaded up so it takes awhile for me to get motivated to sit down and do it.  But here was our Christmas...

Christmas  Day was a Sunday this year, and I played my French horn along with the Christmas hymns, along with another woman who plays trombone. It was so fun and I loved it!  Kevin worked Christmas day though, so we celebrated as a family the day after. No big deal. The kids were pretty patient about it, and it just made sense to wait til we had time to really ENJOY it. And that we did. Started with stockings first of course!

And then presents already. Usually we'd wait til after breakfast, but I decided what's the point? Then we'd have a later brunch and not have to worry about lunch, and the kids wouldn't spend all morning anxiously waiting!

We went home New Year's weekend to celebrate with our families.  I enjoy celebrating Christmas more and more every year as the kids continue to get older and have more understanding of the holiday. We are so blessed.

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