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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Come be our guest!

Lookie what Kevin has built for our family!!  Using wood from our attic walls, all he had to purchase was the posts for the legs and polyurethane! It looks GORGEOUS in this room and it's fun to have so much SPACE at the table! I can't wait to have guests! It's definitely motivating me to continue finishing the rest of the room!

 the bench still needs refinished and we'll eventually purchase or make matching chairs, but we'll get there.

The picture is frame is from our old front door. It had been out in the shed and Kevin brought it in the other day. I put together a picture collage and now there she hangs!


Servant Becca said...

Gorgeous room, table, decoration... I love your house!

Anonymous said...

I love your house,too! Paint your chairs black, red, or whatever accent color you are using. It would really spruce them up.