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Saturday, April 7, 2012


...who decided to try again at riding his bike without training wheels! He's doing great! So proud!

Just a short clip:


Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Been busy lately LIVING!  And I know most of you see pictures on Facebook where I DO keep up. I'll work my way backward a little bit though. This was March, can you believe it??  I believe we actually did by-pass winter this year! After a week of a lot of rain and muddy roads I put the kids to work and had them wash my car.

 Carter was more interested in playing ball though...
 Little boy chasing his ball down the hill
 future ball player?
 finishing touches

 storm rolling in, though it surprisingly didn't really amount to much of anything
But... enough to make the car dirty again the next day on the road! LOL Oh well!

Easter 2012

On Good Friday yesterday, the kids and I took some time to drive down to a local lake where we could kneel at the foot of the cross and confess our sins, pleading for Him to come into our hearts and help us live a life worthy, a life that glorifies HIM. It was indeed time well spent.

Carter's mimicking Mommy with a "prayer" of his own