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Saturday, January 21, 2012


The day before his birthday Carter got his cast off!  He was given another x-ray and it came out clear and his leg fracture healed perfectly! {I was bummed we didn't actually get to see it though!} I was HOPING Carter would just miraculously walk right away, cuz I had a few ideas I wanted to do as a family that weekend in honor of Carter's birthday since his party isn't for another couple weeks ago, but Carter is NOT walking yet and I decided it would be better to just wait on our fun. He still has a really nasty nickle or quarter-sized pressure wound on his heal from his first cast, and it's very tender, so I believe that's the reason Carter is still avoiding standing on his leg still.  The Dr. said it could take a couple weeks anyway, even without the heel wound. Once it's healed, he'll probably take off again. But of course he's zipping around all over the house anyway! It sure would be nice not to have to carry him everywhere though, but I'll be patient! We're just thankful his bone healed! It's amazing how God has designed our bodies to take care of themselves!

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