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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Almost walking!!

Oh I've been soo anxious for Carter to walk again. And to be able to really play outside with Eli and Hannah and to walk to and from the car by myself so I can carry the other things I usually have. But the Dr did say it was going to take at least a couple weeks. And it has. But now, just finally this week, Carter started putting actual weight on his foot, then taking steps with his toes curled up, then standing flat-footed, and now taking hobbly steps all by himself and even doing SPINS! It's about as exciting as when he first was learning to walk at 1 year old! And now here he is again! So excited for him!!

By the way, I've been realizing how I need to get some video of him before these days pass me by! He's been learning lots of new words lately and I want to try to capture them on video in his cute little voice before he grows out of it! So more video clips will be coming...

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Mary said...

I super love his spins! What a celebration! haha! (And what a long road!)