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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Carter--8 months!

So this is what Carter thought about doing 8-month pictures today...
Not sure what the deal was, but we managed to still get the following...
Thanks, buddy!

Now for 8-month updates:

* Oh he's definitely crawling all over the place.  One knee, one foot.
* And now he's starting to pull to standing up to some things.
* He walks when we hold his hands.
* He eats baby food and bits of table food.
* He loves feeding himself Cheerios and Fruit Puffs now and often eats those while we're eating our meals.
* He nurses 4 times a day--first thing in the morning, late morning, mid-afternoon, and bedtime.
* He naps 2.5 times a day and goes to bed at 7:30pm, waking up between 6:30 and 7am.
* He's starting to develop silliness.  He pulls himself back and forth in his high chair, and he likes to lay his head down on a pillow or blanket and smile.
* Speaking of blankets, he sucks on them or small stuffed animals like it's a pacifier. And if he's having a hard time getting to sleep, if I can get him to start sucking on his blankie, then he's set to go.
* No new teeth this month, still just the two on the bottom, but everything still goes directly to his mouth and his pleasure of a toy is based on how good it is to bite on.
* We started putting g diapers on him sometimes.  Just a couple that we're experimenting with until we switch to that full time (?)
* He attended his first air show this month, well last month really, which I have yet to blog about!

Happy 8 months, sweet pea!  We sure do love you!!  And now for some videos I FINALLY took...

1 comment:

The Cutes and Scoots Show said...

Too cute. Gotta love that crawl technique with 1 foot and 1 knee. :)

How do you like the g diapers so far? I've only just recently heard of them. Seem kinda like the half way to cloth diapering without the messy cleanup that often comes with cloth and totally turns me off. What made you give them a whirl? WHere did you get them? Just curious, not like I'll start now with PJ bc he's already started going "trying" once a day on the potty and clearly 'gets it' so I forsee another early potty trainer in our house again, but perhaps if there ever was a #3 for us it might be a thought. How's the leakage?

You sure do have another heartthrob on your hands. Oh and PJ is right there with Carter on the blankie love! :)