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Friday, August 27, 2010


Eli  started his first day of preschool on Monday!  He goes MWF from 9-11:30am at one of the Lutheran churches in town.  It's Bible-centered learning, and just an overall fun environment for him to begin his school years!  He was SO excited to go, and when we arrived at the school that first day he just went right in and started playing with toys while I got some things figured out with the teacher.  He'd remembered it well from our visit last spring, and a friend of his is in his class this year, so that does make it easier for him.

This has begun a whole new life for all of us, as it means trucking back and forth from town twice each of those days.  But actually, it's not seeming to be that big of a deal, especially since Kevin's days off are sometimes during the week.  Hannah's still getting used to the fact that she doesn't get to go to school.  That first day she bawled, absolutely BAWLED, ALL the way home, as in could-barely-breathe bawled, so we sat on the porch swing for awhile 'til she calmed down.  Then she got to paint with water colors.  Then we had tea time.  Then she watched a show while I took care of some stuff for MOPS.  And then it was time to pick up Eli.  This time she stayed in the van while I went in to get Eli.  And that's the way we continue to do it.  =)  But gosh, I love it.  Carter naps while Eli's at school so I get blessed one-on-one time with Hannah.  It's so quiet.  So wonderful, so absolutely wonderful.  We have tea time every day (well, every MWF) and she helps me with chores, and we read books, and she paints some more or does some sort of activity.  And did  I mention it's quiet?  Ahh, I love this, REALLY love this.

And then Eli comes home and I get to see his sweet smile again and ask him about his day.  He doesn't say much so I have to ask a lot of specific questions throughout the day.  He has such a great time.  And he got a new backpack, a THOMAS backpack-that's-really-too-big-for-him, since that first day, so I'll have to get a picture of that.  It's just so great to see him do something on his own, to see him excited to learn and be a part of something, and to put all his learning and training into practice away from Sister outside the home.  Before he goes we talk about he can share Jesus at school-- by sharing toys, helping others, listening to his teachers, having good manners--and at the end of his "day" I ask him what things he did to share Jesus.  He doesn't quite understand but it's a good beginning for all the years to come.


alisha said...

Big boy Eli!! He looks so old and handsome!! Glad it is going well!!

The Cutes and Scoots Show said...

So happy that you are having a positive experience with school. I think it's so beneficial to the entire family and such a time for growing for each member. Just think a few years ago Eli had his special mom alone time, now you have Hannah 1 on 1 time and at some point you'll have both Eli and Hannah in school and you can spend that 1 on 1 time with Carter. Each one has in fact had their own special moment with mom and it makes a huge impact. There's a lot to trying to finagle and manage schedules and attitudes and play and ages all at once, preschool and school in general is a wonderful thing. Just take a mental snapshot of Eli now and in a few months you will be AMAZED by how much he has grown socially, emotionally and educationally in such a short period of time. Teachers are great assets to the community and so take advantage of it to better your family in a number of ways. Sounds like you picked the perfect place for him right now... Colbster is in a similar type program at a Methodist church in our area. Small classes, teachers that have been there for decades and a fantastic facility that everyone in the public school system loves when kids come from there. His attitude, play style and manners have grown hugely in just a short while, I can't wait to see what this year brings for us too! Enjoy this time, soon you'll be sending them all off to the Prom! :)

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten all about this blog but I got bored today and decided to check out some of the links on your blog and there was your family blog! Aha moment! lol Anyway, Eli looks so excited and grown up in his pictures and I am so glad that he is doing so well and sharing Jesus with his classmates!! You are such a wonderful mom and he is a great little boy..you've done an excellent job with him! I loved his thankful list in the other post..so precious!!

Love you!