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Thursday, August 5, 2010

You can go ahead and thank us.

Remember this and this? You can hardly forget a winter like this last one! Tromping through the snow 9 months pregnant in my high heel knee-tall dress boots with two young children trying to get to our van at the end of the lane so we could get out for church. Melting buckets and buckets of snow for water since our water had gone out when we had no way of getting out or having anyone come. Wow. What memories. At the time all we had was a shovel and our good ol' neighbor "Farmer Steve" to dig us out in time of need. After weighing all our snow-removal options (larger riding mower with blower attachment, blade for Kevin's truck, or an old tractor with a scoop) we finally decided to keep on with our search for an old tractor. All the options cost about the same but the tractor actually seemed like it would be the most useful. And it would give us the ability to clear the ROAD if need be. Kevin found an old used tractor with front loader a month or so ago at one of our local tractor implements, AND they were able to deliver it for us, so we went ahead and got it while we could. We've already used it to move our old burn barrel, dig a big hole for burning yard stuff, and to take down broken tree branches. And now we're prepared for snow. So you can thank us now, because now it'll end up being a mild winter! LOL

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