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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Birthday Party #2 - Family

Gosh, I didn't mean for so much time to pass before I got these pictures up. I suppose it's partly because I didn't have fantastic pictures since it was cloudy and rainy on the day of Eli's family party. Anyhoo, here are the highlights...

the kids, waiting for their party to start. =)
Lunch. Kevin's family insisted on bringing steaks for us, so steaks it was! Thanks to family for helping provide the sides, we also had potato salad, cole slaw, and fruit salad. Because of the rain we weren't able to utilize the picnic table, but with our dining table and two card tables we were all able to fit in our new dining room! how fun!
cake time! Because of the craziness of cramming to get the bathroom done in time and having family here and everything else, I knew I didn't really have time to do anything fancy for the birthday cake. Eli requested a train cake so instead of star-tipping one, or doing the pressing technique, I went for the easy method: the set-a-train-on-the-cake-and-call-it-good method. Actually, I'd seen that done before and it looks really cute, especially ones like this or this but I didn't have the time or supplies for that either. So this is how it was, and I'm fine with it. In fact, in the end I don't think Eli really gets excited about what his cakes look like. He just likes the candles and for people to sing to him. I'm guessing, because he pretends "birthday cake" all the time! And that's good for me because cake decorating is really not my thing.
Aunt Shiela and Carter
Kevin and his dad looking at tractor manuals
presents time! lots of wonderful books and puzzles, a set of Walkie Talkies, a learning clock, train cars,

we had to wait 'til a little later in the day when the rain stopped to get outside to unveil the last present. yes, we are now the owners of a Power Wheels. never thought we'd do that but with all the yard space we have out here, we knew the kids would really love it. So family chipped in together to get this for him! He's actually a very good driver, can reverse on a turn and everything. Hannah's banned from the driver seat but she's a good passenger for now. =)
As always it was great to be surrounded by family! There's nothing in the world like it! In attendance we had Kevin's parents, Grandma, his sister Carri and her husband Lucas, his aunt Shiela, and my parents, and Holly. Sadly Paul was stuck in an airport and unable to make it. But we had a great time anyway! Thank you, everyone!!

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