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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Carter: 17 months

Every month...



my sweet


big boy

* Caught a glance of about three (or more??) new teeth coming in in the back! Who knew??!
* Is finally starting to copy quite a few words now and has added the signs "please", "banana", "thank you" 
* Gets really excited when he sees a dog and usually heads straight for it or stands there pointing and saying "Daw, Daw!"
* His favorite toy is still by far a BALL.  Loves it!
* I THINK he's figuring out how to go down stairs, though I've never really given him the opportunity to learn.  He can do one step now though without falling off.
* Is definitely a toddler and can throw quite a little tantrum. 
* Often hits me in the face almost every time I pick him up, and is now into throwing things, like big things.  AWESOME.  *sigh*
* Is still a big eater, although I have observed that he's not a cheese lover.  
* Is starting to use a fork and spoon if I help him get the food on it.
* We're trying to switch out his blankie for a new one.  He's sucked the life out of his other one and we'd like to at least have one to alternate it with in the laundry.  But so far, no such luck.  He just a'CRIES until we finally give him his blankie back.  So now we have both blankies in his bed and hopefully after a little bit of time, he'll get more used to the new one.  Sure wish I could've found a duplicate but it's nowhere!!
* Went on his first vacation to the beach!  Did OK in the water, but it just depended on the moment.  Sometimes he'd charge straight into the waves.  And other times he'd cry as soon as he got near it!  But mostly he liked to dig his fingers in the wet sand or wander the open beach. He did great on the car ride!  I was wonderfully surprised!
* Also went on his first vacation to the Amana Colonies Iowa. We did a little waterpark there too.  The first day it took him a good hour to finally warm up to the place and have fun in the kids splash area.  The second day he took right off!

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Servant Becca said...

Lovin' it! Beautiful pics and description of the toddler Carter.