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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birthday Week {Tuesday}

Mom and Birthday Boy
 With Kevin working Tuesday and several new toys from the previous party, the kids and I just stayed home playing and having fun all day.  During nap Eli and I played his new game, Tumblin Monkeys, and built with his K'Nex set.  And after work we met Kevin in town for Chinese buffet since that's Eli's favorite.  But what the kids were REALLY looking forward to all day long was their sleepover.  Ever since Eli got his new bunk bed, Hannah keeps trying to sleep in with him. I'd been thinking it would be fun to let them have a sleepover sometime and then I realized his birthday night would be a great time! 

We set them up with a movie {Cars.} on the laptop up in Eli's room (no popcorn though since they weren't being watched, didn't want anyone to choke).  The idea was that for one night there would be no bedtime rules, except no jumping on (or from) the beds, but I did end up checking on them several times throughout the movie and fetching drinks and so forth.  And they were so tired when the movie was over at 11pm they got tucked in, both on the top bunk with heads at each other's feet, that they fell asleep almost instantly. I was nervous having them on the top bunk for the first time and BOTH of them being up there, I hardly slept a wink and ended up going back and forth all night between my bed and the bottom bunk.

The kids had great fun though! And now IF they can stay in their beds on regular nights, they can earn themselves another fun sleepover!

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