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Monday, July 11, 2011

Much to come!!

This part of the blog has been a little neglected lately.  Life has been moving much too fast to keep up the documentation of it!  The thing is, I take too many pictures and then a simple post or story takes a long time to get together! But I'll figure out how to make it easier, or how to simplify or I'll do more Snapfish sharing, and if you're on Facebook, then you'll get the news there first! But adventures coming soon...

A mini vacation to the Amana Colonies
Our day at the Arbor Day Farm
A visit from the Fritz Family
4th of July BBQ
Our zoo trip
Bunk bed progress

Very exciting times these days!  We have almost exactly a month left until school starts for both Eli and Hannah and the days are dwindling!!  As full as the calendar is most weeks, it's still nice not to be stuck in a rigid schedule with nap and bedtimes.  If we want to stay up late, we can! If we want to go to the city in the middle of the day we can. If we want to schedule a play date with friends, we can arrange ANY day not just M-W-F.  We definitely are loving the freedom and time together as a family!!

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