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Monday, August 29, 2011

Camping Weekend

THE best thing about my college experience was the really great wonderful like-minded Christian friends I made there.  I was really hoping when we got out of the Navy we'd wind up in Eastern Iowa so I would be close to those friends. But it was not so.  We ended up in Nebraska instead, about 6 hrs from many of our friends. Every year at the end of summer I try to get everyone together.  Usually for a picnic or something, but I think we all agreed it just wasn't enough time.  With kids running all over, the day would be over and we felt like we still hadn't had a chance to REALLY talk with everyone!!  So this year I suggested camping overnight, and it was wonderful! Though still not enough time!  =(  The weather was absolutely PERFECT and we had such a good time!!  I already can't wait til next year!!


 Making new little friends


 Playground fun

 S'mores OF COURSE!
 BEAUTIFUL morning!

 GREAT FRIENDS (just a few of them!)


Kassandra said...

Looks like that was a lot of fun! It's nice that you can all get together like that!

Emily said...

AHHH! All these pictures are so great! :) :) :) Wonderful post, Sarah! Love it!