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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 2: The Big Yellow Bus

Eli came home from his first day of school with a weekly newsletter in his bag, listing what the menu is for the week and a list of students for grades K-6, and other information for upcoming events and so forth.  Well, being the Type A that I am, I cross-referenced Eli's bus list with the class lists, so I could find out who was going to be on Eli's bus and how old they are!  There were 6 kids or so I couldn't find on the class lists so they must be older than 6th grade, but the rest of the kids were scattered across all 7 grades, including 3 other kindergartners! That made me feel better seeing there would be three other kids from ELI'S CLASS! 

We got up this morning following our normal school routine which so far is going very smoothly! and we went out to wait for the bus, making sure not to be late or he'll be left!  I asked Eli if he was nervous about the bus and he said No!  =)

 We waited... 

We listened quietly...
 We thought we heard something coming down the road...
And sure enough...
A yellow bus with flashing lights popped over the hill!

A bus was coming just for ELI!!   Ooo, I felt so proud!

He climbed right on...
 and without looking back...
 off he went!

And I enjoyed a day with my two littles.

in the afternoon, while Carter was still napping, we started waiting again
In great anticipation
of that yellow school bus!
Here it comes in the distance!
we're so close to town we can see almost the whole ride

We're so proud of our boy! And you better believe we're ALL going to be there waiting to tell him so!

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