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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Recap.

This summer has by far been the busiest we've ever had ever! {for us who like to keep life on the simpler side} A few trips, lots of visitors, parties, appointments, playdates, etc.  Here's the recap....

Myrtle Beach Vacation
Ladies night for church
Holly's birthday BBQ
VBS at church 
Amana Colony Weekend
Photoshoot for the Martin family
5K Race
Father's Day BBQ
Visit from the Fred Fritz family
MOPS planning meeting
Visit from Carri and Lucas
4th of July party
Omaha visit with Michelle from Virginia
Day visit from Holly
County Fair and Parade
Eli's birthday party #1
Eli's eyes exam
Mommy sleepover
Omaha visit with Lynne from college
Birthday party #2
Carter appointment
Sarah's weekend trip to Ohio
MOPS meeting
Eli glasses
Night with Claire
Church music
Visit home to see Grandparents from N.C.
School registration
Women of Faith weekend conference


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