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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Move Update and Prayer Requests

Alright, thought I'd update you all on the job search and moving plans, since a lot of people have been asking...

Saturday we're making the long 22-hr drive back to Iowa. At that point the kids and I will be staying (at a house my parents bought and are fixing up) but following the wedding we're going for, Kevin will return for his last 3 weeks of work. He'll fly back to CT, the Navy will come in and pack us all up, and then he'll drive back with his old Jeep (God willing that it makes it!!) His last day of work is Oct 21. There's nothing lined up for work yet. No interviews or even any call-backs. But there is something pretty promising in eastern Nebraska where one of our friends just got hired after he got out of the Navy in June. They're hiring in November, so we're hoping that while Kevin's back for the wedding he can go for an interview. It's about 3 hours from where our parents are. Kevin is hoping to apply his Navy experience in nuclear maintenance for work in a nuclear power plant. There are only 3 in the Iowa/Nebraska area, and they each hire at specific times of the year. This one in Nebraska seems to having perfect timing for us, if we can just wait it out til the last minute to find out what's next for us! Until then we'll just stay in my parent's house for as long as we need until we can settle into a house of our own. We are sooo thankful to have that option, it really relieves a lot of pressure to have something figured out right away! So that's the update on the move plans!

Here are some things you could be praying about it as we make this transition:
* Pray that the kids would be decently content during the long drive back. 22-hrs is a looooong drive, kids or no kids.
* Kevin's going to transition his body to nights and drive as much of the night as he can, so we get the first half of the drive done while the kids are asleep. Pray that he stays awake and stops when needed!
* Pray for good driving weather, safety on the roads, and not many of those cement road barriers. I HATE those and get sore from being so tense driving through them! haha
* Pray for Kevin's job search--that he wouldn't get discouraged as he continues to wait and that his eyes be open to all possibilities.
* Pray for me as his wife and supporter. And pray for the three weeks that I'll be single mom while Kevin's returned for work. It's going to tiring but fortunately my parents house is right across the street from the park! And I do have a few friends I'm planning on meeting up with here and there.
* Pray for Kevin and his Jeep as he makes the long 22-hr drive AGAIN to Iowa, except by himself! I don't know how he's going to do it. The thing is practically maxed out going 65 mph, but he's gonna try! Pray that it doesn't break down! It's a '92 Jeep Cherokee.
* Pray for the kids during this transition time, that they would respond well to the new environments.
* Pray that we can get into a house quickly and get settled and that God would then lead us to a good church and friends.
* In regards to the wedding we're going back for, pray that all my dress drama (that's another story) works itself out, that Eli's a good ring bearer, and that Hannah is patient about being fed throughout the day while I'm busy doing matron-of-honor duties.

At this point I'm just feeling really anxious to know what's next in life! But I think God is telling us to just wait and let HIM do the work! Once we head out, I'll be offline for awhile as I won't have much computer/Internet access. But I'll do my best to keep you updated on the big stuff! Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers!

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Darla said...

Wow! I'll be thinking about you as you drive on Sat, that's a crazy long ride with young ones. I hope you are able to use a library or something to keep posting until you are all settled in!!