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Friday, September 12, 2008

On the move!

It's official! Hannah learned to crawl today! Amazing how children learn new things daily! Just this morning she was still just getting up on her knees, maybe pushing with her feet to scoot a couple inches, and then plopping back down to the floor. But by bedtime she really had it and was moving across the room on her knees! And here's the proof:


BellaMama said...

Simply perfect!! She is so precious!!

Kelly said...

GO Hannah!!! I can't believe she is crawling already.

Holly said...

SO adorable!! She's a little cutie, I can't wait to meet her in person! Yeah for crawling aorund!

AmyD said...

Awww!! Cute cute cute!! I was SO hoping that we'd see her crawl before you guys leave!! Can you believe how much time has gone by? It feels like just yesterday that we were pregnant. How's Eli reacting to her crawling?

Anonymous said...

what in the world...by the cute chubby cheeks, i thought she'd be morgan's size...but alas...she is far from the 21 pounder we lovingly call "thunder thighs" :) and morgan's still rocking on the knees...only one slight "crawl" move on one knee...but none that i've seen since then...we're at 8 1/2 months...maybe she'll just skip crawling and run :) LOL :) yay Hannah!!
hope the move goes well!