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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our awesome new swing set!!

Check out this new swing set we got for FREE today!! I know friends who happen to know people who know people and end up getting lots of things for free, but we've never been lucky like that. But this time, we are! One of Kevin's coworkers is a single guy who moved into a house that had a swing set at it, and since he doesn't have kids he offered it to us. All summer I've been trying to figure out a way we could get a swing set for the kids so we accepted even though we kind of assumed it might be one of those old rusty metal ones. Turns out to be this nice big wooden one! We might need to buy new attachments (swings n stuff) but that's okay! Look how much fun the kids are already having!
beautiful evening despite the clouds


crystal said...

How nice! I love the fact that it has a swing for mom and dad too! I can just imagine lots of relaxing and reading while the kids play...looks like they are having a blast....and you should be able to get new swings on clearance right now. :)


BellaMama said...

What a blessing!!

Looks like you all (kitty included) are enjoying it!