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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hannah's birthday party!

The birthday girl.

The presents.

We really don't need a bunch of new toys around here, so Hannah mostly got clothes and books from everyone (wonderful!). And we got her a little tea party set, bath robe (since Eli had one and she didn't), $1 pair of sunglasses (she LOVES wearing glasses around), hat, books, a set of these colored pencils, her own toddler pair of scissors (since she keeps wanting to cut too when we're doing crafts), and an outside folding chair (again since Eli had one and she didn't and I never could find one for her last spring). And Eli picked out a $5 little cell phone for her (with my help) since little phones are her favorite!

Eli really wanted to over-help Hannah with her presents.
look at that sweet girl!tea partyEli really got into it!
Hers and his. Isn't her chair adorable? JoAnn Fabrics. Who knew?
The food.
Menu: pulled pork sandwiches, baby carrots, jello salad, and chips. (and a little snitch there at the end, haha. Love it though because it's so true to life!)Hannah set her new little chair right at the food table. Ready to eat!

The entertainment.

The kids had fun throwing balloons up at the taped one, trying to knock it down.

The cake.

I made it. No specific design or anything this time. Just a quick free-handed picture. Guests had already arrived before I had really even started decorating, so I had to make it quick!blowing out candles
The guests.
I didn't get a good picture of everyone, but we basically just had Kevin's parents, Nannie, and Aunt Sheila, and then my parents. We keep our parties simple.
And that was our day! Nothing extravagant. That's how we like it. Family came around 10:30am, presents n such started at 11, and kids went down for nap at 2pm. Family stayed 'til 4:30pm. And overall we just had a fun day celebrating the life of sweet Hannah, because after all isn't that what birthdays are all about!

We did presents first this time because last time at Eli's birthday he opened presents after lunch and right before cake and he therefore wasn't interested in cake and it seemed like he was just getting started on his toys and we had to send him off to nap. So this worked nicely to let Hannah enjoy her new things throughout the party, especially as we were still getting lunch out and ready. Aside from being crazy tired that day, we had a great day!

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