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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hannah's 3rd Birthday {Party}!

We had Hannah's birthday party a week early since Kevin is working this weekend.  The gang came down (my parents, Kevin's parents, Nannie, Aunt Sheila, and Paul and Holly and Claire) and enjoyed a nice dinner, presents, and cake.  Since Hannah's been talking about Tinkerbell so much and wanting to be Tinkerbell when she grows up, I went with that as the theme of her party this year. 

very simple cake {for the most part}

Carter enjoying Hannah's birthday cards

Hannah's big present from us and the grandparents--her first doll house.  she loves it!  (Eli too!)

my sweet girl!

Another great day in our book of memories!!


Kelly said...

Addie has that same doll house and she LOVES it!! It was from Santa last year (2009) and she has played with it everyday since!! Enjoy Ms. Hannah!! Happy Birthday!

In Light of the Truth... said...

The kids love my old wooden one that's still at my parents house, but I was looking for something not so delicate, and something plastic so I didn't have to worry about small pieces with Carter being around. I LOVE that the little pan and other little things are tied on with a string! It's such a cute little house!