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Monday, October 17, 2011

A mini project.

I've seriously been lacking some bloggage material lately but I assure you, some small updates will be coming, as well as pictures (of course)! Well, here's a quick one... Adding railroad ties and mulch to the swing set area.  This idea had come to me earlier in the summer, or maybe it was spring, and then I saw one of my friends has her swing set surrounded exactly like this (makes it easier to mow around), and THEN there was the bee incident.  And after that I was MUCH motivated to go ahead put in the $ to complete this mini project.  NONE of which I actually did of course!  But check out how nice it looks now!  Well done, Kevin!

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The Cutes and Scoots Show said...

Agreed. I love the look of a "surrounded" play set area so much better. It's been in the works for us too just can't seem to find the time. Where did you get the RR ties? Are they buried at all or just laid on top of the grassy area? Ours have tree situations to go around so that's why I've been avoiding it! :) Can't wait to get the project done though. Well done! Looks so clean. Love that! My organization freak self love that part best. :)