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Friday, March 2, 2012

Hannah's FOUR!!

Wow, life this year has been exciting and fun, and when it's not it's nice that it's not. To have time to relax and just be. Watch a movie or sleep in. I'm so behind in saying that Hannah's now 4!!!  We had a joint birthday party the week BEFORE Hannah's birthday (pics will HOPEFULLY come from that, but I just can't make any promises).  But first, here is my sweet girl.  Love her so much.


* loves dresses and all things pretty
* favorite colors are pink and purple. but she does wear a little of everything
* is getting fantastic at writing her name now on her own, and knows SOME of the letters and most of the numbers and can even write those by herself as well
* is social and gets along well with anyone
* is a great student at her preschool
* loves playing outside and riding her bike, playing pretend, looking at books, or coloring
* is always playing with Eli whenever he's home. Although they often spend the days squabbling, I would still consider them best friends
* has the sweetest, most content personality. We are so blessed to have her in our family!!

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