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Friday, September 7, 2012

Someone is missing...

... a tooth!

The story? It had been loose for a few weeks probably but still pretty tight in there.  But we were at a friend's birthday party last Saturday when Eli came up to me saying his tooth was bleeding, and when I looked it was hanging on by a thread.  It was ready and time to come out.  Knowing birthday cake (eating) was still happening, I took him to the bathroom to inspect and do some jiggling.  After making a call to the hubster for moral support, and gradually becoming surrounded by little friends, I finally got it twisted outta there.  Did I tell you I HATE the loosing-teeth phase??  Accckkk!!!  But I did it!  Eli was surprisingly absolutely calm, not even the least bit afraid, and he insisted that it didn't hurt at all.  SO PROUD! 

We took these pictures as soon as we got home, and Brother wanted to be in them too. So these are those pictures too!  

Growing up more and more every day!

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