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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Eli is 7!!


is smart and energetic, enthusiastic about just about everything, sometimes overly so. He loves to play rowdy but will also get in dress-up with Hannah or play Barbies.  Favorite shows are still Blues Clues and My Little Pony, along with How Things are Made, Minute to Win It, or Wipe Out.  Favorites movies are Rio and Charlotte's Web. The books he always picks at the library are Scooby Doo chapter books.  He's a great reader and does excellent at school. His favorite subject is math and he likes charts and order like Mommy but is also very artistic and will spend a long time working on a drawing or picture. He loves fishing, soccer, riding bikes, and board games. He spends most of his playtime building with Legos.

And here's how he answered these questions:

How old are you? 7

What makes you happy? Going to Chuck E Cheese

What is your favorite animal? Cheetah

What is your favorite thing to eat? Cherry pie (which is TOTALLY random because we never have cherry pie!!)

What is your favorite thing to do? Go to waterparks that have a really cool water slide

What is your favorite TV show? How Things are Made

What are you really good at? Running

What is your favorite movie? Rio

What is your favorite color? Red

Who is your best friend? Lleyton

What do you and Mom do together? Go shopping

What do you and Dad do together? Go to ice cream shops with Grandpa

What is your favorite sport? Soccer

Where is your favorite place to go? Going on bumper boats

What is your favorite book? A racecar book

What do you want to be when you grow up? A jet driver to go around the world and find out things that happened a long time ago

What is your favorite Bible story? When Jesus walks on the water and goes to see his disciples in the boat in a storm

What is your favorite kind of boat? (he wanted me to ask him this) a motorboat that is light blue

What is favorite game? Pictureka

Happy 7th year, Eli!! We love you!!!

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