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Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Adventure List

Alright, tonight after dinner we got out the big white board and together listed ideas for our 2014 Adventure List, with Kevin and I also contributing at least one idea each too!  =)  So here we go, most of these activities look very do-able and surprisingly different from last year's list! I kinda thought the kids would just say the same things (zoo, children's museum, etc) so I'm excited for some new experiences.... That's exactly what this list is all about!! A few of these are already in the works...

1. Go ice skating.

2. Go swimming.

3. Go to REAL beach.

4. Ride in a boat at (local lake).

5. Go to inside playground.

6. Go mini-golfing.

7. Go to the races.

8. Stay in a hotel with a hot pool and water park.

9. Go to LegoLand.

10. Go to Grandma's house.

11.  See the mountains.

12. Ride in an airplane.


Tanya Cowley said...

What a fun list! I am totally stealing this idea!

Servant Becca said...

Grandma's house doors are open. Looking forward to having you here!

Kathleen Warren said...

Wonderful!! I love watching your children grow up!