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Friday, February 7, 2014


Carter is FOUR!!!  I was looking back at his post and update from a year ago, and it's crazy how much he has grown and changed!

He loves...
* his cowboy boots and "John Deere pants" as he calls them.
* playing outside or in the snow
* his brother and sister, even though he's the button-pusher
* looking at books
* babies and always wants to hold them whenever he can
* preschool
* coloring and other art

He's enthusiastic and energetic and overall very HAPPY boy and quick to smile, that's pretty much always described him. His vocabulary has completely taken off in the past year, it's AMAZING. He talks in full sentences (although still a bit stuttery sometimes) and is pretty understandable to most anyone. He dresses himself and potties by himself although he often says he "needs a little help". As a mom, it's hard to know when he wants to do things by himself and when he still needs me. But he clearly lets me know!!!  LOL  He attends big-kid Sunday school class and usually sits in church with us instead of staying in nursery. He walks beside the shopping cart now instead of sitting in it. So many big adjustments!

He's a great little guy, and I'm so thankful he's part of our family!!!


Caroline said...

He's a cutie! Growing so big!!!

Servant Becca said...

Thank you for adding Carter to your family! He pretty special... Amazing all the change in one year!