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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Birthday recap.

I just wanted to share how lovely my birthday was. It just so happened that Kevin's one day off this week landed right on my birthday! So we got to hang out for most of the day like it was a weekend and just relax.

I had pretty much been begging for a porch swing, so that's exactly what I got! =) And although the weather has been too chilly for me to get out much, I love it! It's sooo refreshing to just sit out and enjoy the peace.... quiet... and birds chirping.

It was HORRIBLE weather on Monday! The winds were INSANE and all day I kept waiting for something to rip off the house and fly away. Towards dinner time there were tornado warnings issued for Lincoln (an hour away) and a tornado watch for our area. We were hesitant to go out but we ended up going anyway.

Turned out Kevin had arranged for our friends to watch the kids so we could go out to a nice dinner just the two of us! It's been a looong time AND it was a surprise so I LOVED that! Just after we sat down to dinner, it down-poured, passed quickly, and a rainbow came out! How sweet!

After we got back home and put the kids in bed we had some super YUMMY oreo chocolate cake! (I'll be sharing my recipe soon over at my homemaking blog)

A simple day but a good day!

And surprisingly, I don't have any pictures to document the day. But there will be some soon of my new porch swing! =)

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K,S, C and D the Dog said...

So glad you enjoyed your special day! Where did you go for dinner? Hope it was yummy, although it's always yummy when you don't have to cook!