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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hannah's first hair cut

I have no idea what to do with little girls hair. Overall we want it to grow long so I keep not doing anything with Hannah's hair even though it's way messy and out of control. I've been trying to put little pig tails or something in with mini rubber bands for hair but they're just too darn tiny, I can't get it.

So today I decided to at least try to trim her bangs a bit. And boy, I forgot how hard it to cut little ones' hair! Eli's great at hair cuts, but Hannah just doesn't know what's going on with it yet! Well, seeing as today was her first time, I'll cut her some slack. haha Anyhoo, here's the new do, not much different, but that's a good thing...

just so you can see the difference, here's a picture from a couple weeks ago
I definitely didn't want to chop it straight across the front, so I tried to angle it down. Not as easy it seems like it would be. Not sure what I think about it, but at least it gets her hair out of her beautiful eyes. Oh, she looks too grown up now!I think she knows she's cuteI always LOVE when she wears her bow, but unfortunately it's in for about 1.5 seconds and she's already pulling it out. No clip now but still a cutie patutie.
Don't grow up too fast now, ya hear?


Mary said...

Her bangs look super cute short and angeled like that. I wouldn't have thought so if you didn't post pics! But wow! She's a cutie! I am envious of your scissor skills!

Sharon said...

Beautiful! She looks great.

Amy said...

She looks SO grown up in the second to last photo. Can't believe you already had to cut her hair! Em just got her first 'real' hair cut two weeks ago! lol