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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mini-golden birthday!

14 months on the 14th, so I guess this is Hannah's miniature golden birthday until she turns 14 YEARS! But please don't let that come too soon!

This month's accomplishments:
* The biggest thing is that she's walking now! From room to room she's tottering all over the house!
* She gives high fives and kisses (sometimes).
* All the time she's saying "Uck!" like she's maybe saying "look!"
* Teeth #6 and #7 came in. She now has the top 4 and bottom 3.
* Still naps in the morning and afternoon and sleeps all through the night. Lately we've been hearing her cry a couple times in the night and then go back to sleep. Might be because of teeth coming in?
* She no longer sits in church with us at all. She's fully reached the stage where's constantly on the move!
* Bath times are fun again!
* She sometimes does the sign for "more".
* She's very much a little mimic now, but not for the things that are useful. =)
* She found her belly button and pokes on it all the time!
* She's just starting to learn how to stand up from the floor (without having to pull up on something).

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