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Monday, April 13, 2009

New dining room

This room is sooo not done yet, BUT we at least have the SPACE established now! Before we basically had two miscellaneous rooms off of the kitchen (a pantry, and a laundry room) that we wanted to combine into one purposeful room: a dining room. So we knocked out the wall in between (keeping the pantry shelves for storage but losing the built-in cabinet)

BEFORE pics, the pantry roomleft side of laundry roomright side of laundry room (I want to use birthday money to find a frame for that mirror and place it above our piano)
once we got down to the studs, it appeared that this wall indeed is not a supporting wall, so down it all came!
mid-project, obviously
the floor was really rugged where the wall previously was, so we brought up the big area rug we had used in the basement in CT to cover as much of the room as possible. Since we really have no big plans for this rug and it might be awhile 'til we actually finish off this room, we went ahead and cut slits in the rug to fit around the radiator on the left. Kevin did an excellent job! Oh and we took the pantry door off too now. There were doors everywhere in this house, so I think that's door #4 that we've taken down to open things up around here! I also dug out gold curtains I had made for our bedroom in Virginia that I can modify to cover the shelves for now.so now we have access to the dining room directly from the kitchen (see arrows), and I LOVE that!Now that our room is bigger now we actually had plenty of space to set up a card table there too for when Kevin's family was here this past weekend. It was pretty impossible to fit 9 people all around one table, but this new space worked out great!


crystal said...

Very nice! It is always nice to have a bigger dining room. Cant wait to see when its finished.


zane said...

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