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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Demolition Derby!

The dining room project has begun!! Just to take you back to how it began.... This space used to be two different rooms: a pantry
and a laundry room/mud room
Then we pulled out the built-in cupboard in the pantry and knocked the wall out
and then we had room for a dining room with access from both the kitchen and the living room
We added curtains to cover the pantry shelves. And this has been our dining room all year. Decent but unfinished.

And now this is what it is! Our friend Craig come over and helped Kevin with the demolition. All the wood and walling is already out by our burn pile. All that yucky gray stuff is the old insulation. We (I mean Kevin) will be reinsulating, redoing the electrical, and putting up new, fresh walls. And at the end of the room there we'll be putting up cupboards where the old pantry shelves were. But the cupboards need to be all custom sized so we're not quite sure how we're getting them done yet.after getting the ceiling down and seeing how open it is to the roof, we thought about making it a cathedral ceiling, making the room feel a thousand times bigger.
look how much space there would be!

But I don't think we're going to do that. I think we'll stick with the flat ceiling just to keep the project a lot easier and the simple style of the rest of our ol' country farmhouse. Nice thought though.

This is going to be the tricky wall. Brick and no wood. The old stuff is just glued on to the brick or something. And there is opening for an old doorway. We'll figure it out though.

We've been waiting for spring to finally get this project started, and well, now it's spring! I realized a few weeks ago that I really wanted this room done before we had a crawler. With all the nails and broken wood, it seemed no place for a little baby but I didn't really want to gate it off all the time either. So here we go! The adventure has begun!!


jaesi said...

holy moly demolition!!

I cant wait to see how its going to come together!
I *think* I saw Kevin at Mcdonalds yesterday (looked just like your truck) with a load of dirt coming from your dining room. Dump?
Where is the dump in NE city anyway?

All we need is to lay flooring (gonna take awhile) and decorate and I have a dining room! Yes!

Anonymous said...

You could put in a beautiful sky light....
extra cost, but it would give that big room feel and let in beautiful light from above.